An Authentic Southwestern Setting

Cattleman's Steakhouse is situated on an authentic ranch that is literally spellbinding... Indian Cliffs Ranch. The scenery is everchanging and the terrain is full of contrast... from buttes to arroyos, this captivating ranch will take you back to the Old West... as it truly was. Located near the Butterfield Trail, there's even the ruins of a stagecoach stop in near proximity to the ranch. The Butterfield Trail, running the Butterfield Overland Mail, dates as far back as 1858 carrying mail and passengers across this rugged terrain of mountains and desert. 

Indian Cliffs Ranch, today, is truly a must-see for all travelers coming through the El Paso, Texas region. In combination with Cattleman's Steakhouse, the ranch is a true west experience never forgotten.

The ranch also encompasses more acreage today than any other ranch in the El Paso county region. The wildlife abounds ... the cacti never ends ... the bluffs look like they came directly out of a John Ford movie! In fact, many legendary movies were shot at Indian Cliffs Ranch.

Take a journey back in time and see the Southwest as it once was before the invention of asphalt and concrete. Indian Cliffs has a beauty that goes beyond breathtaking... a lake, a zoo, an aviary, exotic animals, a maze, a playground... along with Old West memorabilia including an antique wagon collection, a western town, old working stable areas... and all viewable by taking the many walking trails and dirt roads scattered across the ranch. Wow! An experience you'll cherish for years to come... and, of course, after taking in all of these wonders of Indian Cliffs Ranch, you'll want to stop by Cattleman's Steakhouse for a meal that will satisfy a cowpuncher who's been working the trail for months!

You'll not want to forget to bring your camera... for the sights are stark, the colors vivid and the vistas endless.