Many a Legendary Movie was Filmed Here!

Indian Cliffs Ranch is on the “Must-See List” for anyone visiting El Paso and its vicinity. Experience a land of contrast with immense vistas on a true-west ranch setting. Find yourself being carried back in time to the days of the old west... imagine the cattle drives and stage coaches that once passed through this stark terrain... or gunslingers facing off before sundown.

Yes, the setting of Indian Cliffs Ranch offers this and more... for, you will not find a more authentic western landscape within any distance of El Paso that captivates this spirit more than Indian Cliffs Ranch.

In fact, Hollywood has made many a legendary movie on this spectacular ranch... some of which starred Jack Nicholson, Chuck Norris, and David Carradine.

Visit our Movie Showcase Wall at Cattleman's Steakhouse!

Be sure to stop by the steakhouse to view our Movie Tribute Wall... where many posters and memorabilia are showcased for all to enjoy. Over the many years since the origination of Indian Cliffs Ranch, in 1969, to today, you'll be amazed at the many movie productions that were filmed here. From "The Border" to "Glory Road"... and with many legendary movies in between, Indian Cliffs Ranch was chosen as the paradigm for movie production in the Southwest!

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Indian Cliffs Ranch offers an amazing contrast of terrain with both low flat desert areas and countering high plateaus/mesas... indigenous plant life abounds... this is the arid Southwest at its best. The skyscape goes on forever with endless diversified cloud patterns flowing through infinite vistas.

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